50 years educating great people


On the 2nd of February 1967, a new school opened in L’Eliana with the hope of becoming a model of eduational reference which would anticipate the needs of society.

50 years later, in this academic year, we celebrate that project which has become an example of a school that is ONE STEP AHEAD every year. There is nothing better than for our former students to explain what Iale has represented in their lives.

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Bisila Bokoko
Businesswoman and philanthropist
Graduate of 1992

Fran Auñón
Best Student Award UPV 2017
Graduate of 2012

Paloma Móner
Industrial Engineer
Graduate of 2004

Ángel Mínguez
Dentist and university professor
Graduate of 2005

Berta Ferrer
Architect and Designer
Graduate of 2006

Sergio Pérez
Graduate of 2007

Javier Albert
TV analyst
Graduate of 2009

Alicia Correa
Marketing and Communication Professional
Graduate of 2009

Belén Meneu
Logistics in the automotive sector
Graduate of 2011

Nacho Cigalat
Graduate of 1986

Toni Sánchez
Artist and businessman
Graduate of 1983

Daniel Marí
Marina manager
Graduate of 1994