The couple Ignacio Monzonís and Marisa Marín founded Iale school in 1967. The project was conceived two years beforehand when they owned an academy named, MARJO in Valencia. Finally, in February 1967, they opened the doors to Iale as a Preschool with one, single classroom. In September of that same year, two more classrooms were opened. In the academic year of 1968-69, the first phase of the school, which dealt with Educación General Básica courses (EGB), was built with eight classrooms. English became a compulsory subject, replacing French.


In the 1971-72 academic year, the Bachillerato Unificado Polivalente (BUP) and Curso de Orientación Universitaria (COU) course are consolidated and Iale School takes on four classes in EGB, and two in BUP and COU. In 1976 the Granja Calvestra School opens in Requena, with an objective in environmental education and in encouraging its students to learn to live with their schoolmates away from home. In the summer, it opened its doors to a revision study programme, a summer camp in a hamlet inside the estate and English courses taught by native teachers.


In the 1985-86 academic year, a new center is opened in Bray (Ireland). The school offered courses in Year 8 of EGB, BUP and COU to Spanish students without the need to validate their studies as the school was authorised by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. Students stayed with Irish families near the school which gave them the opportunity to experience a real Irish environment and continue their studies within the Spanish education system and with aptly qualified teachers. That same year, in the month of July, the first summer course for students from all over Spain was opened. In the 1988-89 academic year, Iale School made English a compulsory subject taught by native teachers in Preschool and EGB. In 1989 Elian’s Boston, in the city of Randolph (Boston, USA) and Concord Elian School in Concord (New Hampshire, USA) are opened. Both centers offered BUP and COU courses and Spanish students studied the Spanish curriculum whilst staying with American families, allowing them to immerse themselves in American culture. In that same year, Iale School got permission to teach the International Baccalaureate. It was also authorised as an EGB Spanish-Irish school allowing it to award double certification.


In 1991 the first study programme at BNB (Business No Borders), based on studies in Finance, Marketing and Law, and recognised by New Hampshire College University (USA) was launched. The programme lasted four academic years with the first year in Ireland, the second in London and the final two years in the USA, thus obtaining an American qualification. In 1993, Elian’s London at London University was opened. It was the first private Spanish law school, authorised by Madrid Complutense University, where the first three years of a law degree could be studied in Spanish and English, and finalised in Madrid at the Complutense University. In 1996, Elian’s Andorra, a Spanish school in La Massana, was founded. The school was aimed at Andorran and international students from Preschool to Secondary. In 1998, Iale School became the first national, authorised bilingual Preschool and Primary school in which 60% of the subjects were taught in English and 40% in Spanish, though all followed the Spanish curriculum.


In 2002 the first British school of the Educational Group was founded in La Nucía (Alicante). This innovative center is based in teaching facilities set in a natural environment. In the 2004-05 school year, the Iale School launched a new, specific programme for elite athletes, mainly aimed at tennis players. In 2005, the Iale School introduced Chinese as a compulsory subject from Preschool to Year 6 in Primary. In that same year, construction began of a new building of classrooms for 1, 2 and 3 year old students. In 2006 the refurbishment of the dining hall and the sports pavilion took place, as well as the extension of the Primary classrooms. Also that year, French was introduced as a compulsory subject at Primary level and new technologies made their way into the classrooms in the shape of interactive white boards. In 2009, the second British school of the Educational Group was founded in Castellón on the northern stretch of the ring road. That same year, Economics is brought in as a new subject in Iale School from Year 5 in Primary until Year 4 in ESO.


In 2012 Iale receives authorisation to teach music at a professional level in its conservatory. In 2014 an agreement with Apple is signed allowing students of all ages to have the iPad as their main educational tool. Iale becomes a reference point for Apple technology in southern Europe. Iale introduces the learning of a musical instrument into the curriculum from infants through to secondary school. Iale Centro Técnico Preuniversitario expands with new Vocational Training and Sports Education.