Welcome to the Iale-Elian’s Educational Group

We are delighted to share a moment of your time so that you can get to know us better.

We are a group of international private schools (bilingual and British) founded in 1967, 2002 and 2009 in the Valencia region, with the support of more than 3,000 families who trust us with the academic and personal development of their children.

As indicated in our motto “ONE STEP AHEAD”, we have again taken another step ahead. We have merged with the largest group of Swedish independent schools, Internationella Engelska Skolan (IES), with the desire to create and offer new experiences to our teachers and students, sharing knowledge and interactions between the educational groups.

The strength of our schools grows every year by continuously participating in national and international projects. Our teachers and non-teaching staff are committed to the students, introducing them to the most enriching experiences and participating in them.

Our schools are digital and have the most recent technology from infants to high school. This allows teachers to develop their own resources in different languages.

Students in our schools have opportunities to participate in exchange programmes with students from other nationalities and to travel abroad during the school year or summer.

I am very pleased to be the General Director of this extraordinary educational group and would like to have the opportunity to greet you personally.

Come and see why our students love their school, they respect it and give full support to their peers and teachers.

We invite you to share our experience with you.

Kind regards,

Alejandro Monzonís Marín
General Director