Elian’s British School Castellón is a private school located on the Ronda Circunvalación, Castellón de la Plana. It is the second British school of the Iale-Elian’s Educational Group; a group which has more than 50 years of experience in the field of education. Elian’s offers its students the opportunity to study the English National Curriculum in a British environment with British teachers. This is complemented by the obligatory Spanish curriculum; Spanish language, cultural studies and the regional language, Valenciano.


Our philosophy

The school operates a positive ethos policy, which includes regular reinforcement of good behaviour and acknowledgement of success. This is effective in developing a collective responsibility for each other and for the environment of the school.

The development of the whole child is of great importance. All students are regarded as individuals and are encouraged to reach their full potential irrespective of academic ability, social background or race. In doing so, the aim is to nurture and develop happy, confident, motivated and self-disciplined children who are considerate, tolerant and sensitive to the needs of others. To educate is to make each individual reach their full potential in order for them to live a full and positive life. Life requires people to be educated and able to participate in study, work, leisure, the family and society. To educate the student is to help them discover their qualities and values and that they develop their personal and social life in accordance with the principals of life and humanity.


We create leaders

To educate is to create leaders; the best there can be, winners, to reach all goals that are presented in life. This means that that young people learn thoroughly what is important, necessary, useful and practical; that they acquire and develop knowledge in all academic areas and in life in general fields, especially in matters that society demands. The leader is not only the best in the taught subjects, but also has to be in humanity. They have to be a philosopher, technician, thinker, and be able to reason and argue with a good understanding of ethics; a person open to reality and diversity within the most sacred principles of life. Global teaching Education must be global, broad, deep in content and diverse in form, and up to date to address the multidisciplinary nature of life. Students must be able to meet, overcome and conquer complex and delicate situations.

A global world requires a global education; an education that uses many different methods of universal knowledge to make people feel comfortable but also demand respect and take responsibility for our only habitat.