The School of Music at Elian’s British School Castellón is commited to innovative methods of learning music from an early age. It is open to students of the school, as well as those who do not pursue their academic studies in the school.

Listed below are the methodologies currently taught in our music school by highly qualified professionals. You can request more information by filling out the form on this page.



Suitable for children from age 1, this method introduces musical practice through imitation and experimentation with a number of games and play practices which are carried out in group classes where the teacher, students and family continuously interact through music. The diatonic scale is the main element. At this stage contact with music is at a very basic level, making sure that this first contact with music is a positive one. This is ensured by being surrounded by a playful and interactive atmosphere. Imitation is one of the basic tools of learning, and experiences are adapted to the child’s age. This method is taught in collaboration with the Gabou Institute for Music and Development.



Suitable for children from age 3. This method allows children to learn to play an instrument with the same ease as they learn to speak; by repeating musical pieces that increase in complexity depending on the progress of each child. The method combines individual lessons and group lessons and involves parents in learning. Currently we teach the following instruments: Flute, Piano, Violin-Viola, Cello.



Through Elementary Music Education, our students not only learn discipline and technique but also enrich their awareness and understanding through music.

Elementary Music Education is structured in 6 courses, from Year 2 to Year 7. It begins with the courses PRE1 and PRE2 (in Year 2 and Year 3) and then continues with the four courses (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th) of the elementary studies themselves, which coincide with Year 4 to Year 7. Students can choose from any instrument, in addition to studying the subjects of Music Theory, Choir, Orchestra and Band.

At the end of the stage, the students can obtain the Elementary Music Qualification and The Royal School of Music Qualification (ABRSM) in school.

The following instruments are currently offered: piano, violin, cello, viola, guitar, electric guitar, drums, percussion, saxophone, clarinet, flute, trumpet, horn, trombone and voice.



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