The British education system at Elian’s Castell贸n not only ensures that your child is bilingual in English and Spanish, but it also develops open, creative and dynamic minds helping students to work hard to achieve their goals.

AgeStageKey StageSchool YearSpanish Curriculum Equivalence
1-2Early YearsPreschoolPre1Infantil 1
2-3Early YearsPreschoolPre2Infantil 2
3-4Early YearsFoundation StageNurseryInfantil 3
4-5Early YearsFoundation StageReceptionInfantil 4
5-6PrimaryKey Stage 1Year 1Infantil 5
6-7PrimaryKey Stage 1Year 21潞 Primaria
7-8PrimaryKey Stage 2Year 32潞 Primaria
8-9PrimaryKey Stage 2Year 43潞 Primaria
9-10PrimaryKey Stage 2Year 54潞 Primaria
10-11PrimaryKey Stage 2Year 65潞 Primaria
11-12SecondaryKey Stage 3Year 76潞 Primaria
12-13SecondaryKey Stage 3Year 81潞 ESO
13-14SecondaryKey Stage 3Year 92潞 ESO
14-15SecondaryKey Stage 4Year 103潞 ESO
15-16SecondaryKey Stage 4Year 114潞 ESO
16-17Sixth FormKey Stage 5Year 121潞 Bachillerato
17-18Sixth FormKey Stage 5Year 132潞 Bachillerato