On April 2nd the XII Feria-Concurso Experimenta de Física y Tecnología was held at the Museum of Sciences Prince Felipe.

The purpose of this contest was for students to explain physical phenomena through experiments that could be carried out using homemade or simple materials and also to value the subject knowledge and the originality of their presentations.

Our Secondary and Baccalaureate students participated in the subject of Physics, specifically with two very interesting experiments:

“The speed of light in your kitchen”, which measured the speed of light from stationary waves in a microwave. (3rd Year ESO students, Paula Martínez Perpiñá, Borja Izquierdo Vidal, David Lin Zhu and Aurora García Aznar)

“Healthy or not? Can we measure sugar concentration with a laser?” which measured the refractive indexes of different well known sugary drinks. (Baccalaureate students Francisco Moreno Fernández, Laura Serrano López and Alex Xiang Wu)

Although the students did not qualify, they all enjoyed the day and their interest in science continues to grow with each new experiment they perform.

  • 12 May, 2017
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